Drawing stuff

Febuary 2014

My first ever "realism"  learning how to use my pencils.

A work in progress, but I am still rather pleased with it.

January 2014

Added some computer colour to an old picture for a bit of fun.  Rather like it actually.  Think I may have to
do a few more.

November and December 2013

October 2013

September 2013

A bit more done on the big fella.

A wee robot illustration for a Puerto Rican friend who is a mad Chicago Bears fan.  

" Like a sir"

Working on something a bit different.  White on black.  This is a practice piece for another commission but I love it.
Zentangle henna style owl.  A lot to go as the piece is on A2 paper.

A watercolour robot birthday card for my sister in law.  I see more of these in
the future.
 August 2013
A little experiment with line drawing and watercolour.  It looks great in the frame.

Baaaaa, Speaks for itself really.  I paper weight for a friend.

A "Welcome to the world" gift for a friends new baby.

Robot.  Who doesn't love a robot?

And more robots.

Details on the picture for Mila

Yuuup, I am official now folks.  Got the cards to prove it.

More detail for Mila's picture.

I am new to colour but I am so very pleased with this one.  "Bunny and Bee"

New, available in the Etsy shop.  Finger print guest book/family tree.  
Here is one that was completed.
Framed commission.

Commissioned piece.

Commissioned piece.

Commissioned piece.

June and July 2013

Sheow or a coeep?  Personally I think a Moobaa

Who doesn't love a Girebra or a Zeraffe?

Change of address?  New home?  Available to be personalised with text.

Victorian simmers, personally I think I should invest in this look.
Something a bit different.  Angie Lewin influenced greeting card type thingamebob.

A very personal assignment for myself .

May 2013

Picture for my friends daughter and new baby.

April 2013

Commissioned piece.  Building destroyed due to earthquake damage.
Christchurch, New Zealand

Amsterdam line drawing houses.

Den Haag line drawing houses

Owly McOwleson, for Milly Willy Woowoo. My lovely niece.

The "Big One" My first commissioned piece 

The side "mouse" panel.



March 2013
What a month.  Here are the latest.  This is the wild life series.  These are available as post cards in my Etsy shop.

Some more buildings

and a little bit of fun

November 2, 2012

Finally finished a picture for my aunt.

A few that I remembered to take photo's of from the last year or so.

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