Monday, 26 January 2015

Writers block sucks. Thank God for Instagram.

I have done no writing these last few months. None. I have tried so many times, and everything I've written has been shit. So instead here are some photos.

Did some commissions carvings for Christmas.

Made the kid a kick ass hat of my own design. Oh yeah, taking that shit old school.

Did some other random things.

Did some painting again, but going in a totally different direction.

Cooked some really awesome stuff.

Went on holiday to Norway for Crimbo to see the family.

Made a frikkin amazeballs quilt out of the mountain of jeans I have been saving for the last few years.

Started pimping some furniture with paint. This was a first time for me. I may actually write a post about the next one. It's fun.

It's the tits right?

Had my hair done did again, made a cardboard computer and another mask.

Took the kid for lunch with dinosaurs. It was an epic parenting day.

There was lots of other stuff that happened, and I am trying to ease my way back into this whole writing thing again, so this is all you get for now. Enjoy.


  1. With all those creations you don't have time to write, I totally understand... Except that you're writing now, writer unblocked!

  2. You can't kick yourself for not writing... your hands have been busy, busy, busy! You've made so much amazing stuff. Love the Space Invaders hat.

    1. Thanks. The worst part is that I made all of my Christmas presents and forgot to take photos of them. What an idiot!

  3. I feel like you're my sweary soul sister. When we moved here, I decided not to bring all my crafty stuff across the Atlantic ocean because of you know, sensibility and whatever. I've never bought a sewing machine here either. And after 3 1/2 years, it's starting to hurt. Love seeing these photos. And that bench! Oh my...

    1. Girl friend get your ass over here, seriously! I have two machines and enough fabric to last a life time. I am currently dancing my ass off in the middle of the night, with my head phones on, to all my fav jams because I can't sleep. Mid blog post, writing about dancing your ass off when everyone has gone to bed.. Thank you. for taking the time. Now me and Nina Simone and Sinnerman are gonna dance like nobody is watching.

  4. Oh where have you gone, oh George with Ears, oh George...

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