Monday, 26 January 2015

Writers block sucks. Thank God for Instagram.

I have done no writing these last few months. None. I have tried so many times, and everything I've written has been shit. So instead here are some photos.

Did some commissions carvings for Christmas.

Made the kid a kick ass hat of my own design. Oh yeah, taking that shit old school.

Did some other random things.

Did some painting again, but going in a totally different direction.

Cooked some really awesome stuff.

Went on holiday to Norway for Crimbo to see the family.

Made a frikkin amazeballs quilt out of the mountain of jeans I have been saving for the last few years.

Started pimping some furniture with paint. This was a first time for me. I may actually write a post about the next one. It's fun.

It's the tits right?

Had my hair done did again, made a cardboard computer and another mask.

Took the kid for lunch with dinosaurs. It was an epic parenting day.

There was lots of other stuff that happened, and I am trying to ease my way back into this whole writing thing again, so this is all you get for now. Enjoy.