Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Does my ass chaffe?

Why, I'm so glad you asked. It would seem that the universe has taken a hand in things and wants me to get back in the proverbial saddle again. It's somewhat flabby from lack of use, and my fingers and mind seem to have forgotten how to do this whole blog malarkey.

I've started so many of these with "I have been crap and negligent" and this for the most part is true. The reason is simple. I fell out of love with blogging. I forgot how to word. My head was exploding with so much crap that I could hardly find time in the day to breathe let along write shit down.

But I can always find time to draw.

I decided to give myself a break and let it go. I've now reached the promised land of toddler pre-school and finally have some precious time (ten hours a week) for myself to cram full with procrastination, self-doubt and general faffery. 

Getting all artsy up in here.

So this is me, new hair, new attitude and same bullshit. I'm not saying that I will have anything of substance to say, as let's face it, I am about as deep as teaspoon, but I have been known to blast out a wee nugget or two. (See that, I managed to slide in a poo joke.) Giggity - slide. Jesus I am twelve!

Because George.

In the mean time, You will still be getting a tirade of Instagram photos, occasional anecdotes and some exciting news. Before you ask, no I am not, I repeat NOT pregnant! I will be spending the rest of eternity trying to get my blog to look like something that is professional. Cue IT nerd husband.

This will have to keep you going for now as I am on a deadline for other shit, and fuck me social media takes up a butt load of time. I also have twitter (icon to follow) now bitches so get on over there and follow me. While you are at it, get on the old Book of the Face and Instagram (this link is thwarting me but if you look up and right there is a wee icon. Click that shit.)

The end.

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