Sunday, 26 January 2014

This last month

What have we been up to this last month?

 Baking Hare pie.  Yes really Hare pie.

Drawing spiders for the children's book I am working on.

Making my first ever tomale.

Drawing Palestinian prisons. (yes really)


Finishing knitting projects.

Just hanging out with the Monkey.

More baking.

Playing house.

Making and eating mozzarella.

Finishing picture's of Palestinian prisons.

Other commissions.

More finishing of knitting projects.

Playing bigger house

More spiders.

More cuddles

Juicing lots 

Drawing lots.

Painting a bit.

 Juicing some more.  Getting healthy don't you know.

And just generally hanging out with this kid.  Not the most exciting post but you get the drift.


  1. HOLY SHIT. So I heard about how awesome you were over lunch today and although I have a firm rule to not make new friends who live outside Amsterdam (I HAVE TO COME TO THE HAGUE, LIKE, SO MUCH), I'm pretty sure we were put on this good earth to be friends. If you don't concur, you'll have to put up with such zealous blog stalking that you'll soon develop virtual Stockholm Syndrome and be at my door with roses. Errr, tulips. Kussen!

    p.s. I'm already making you a friendship bracelet, out of a 60/40 combo of mine and my dogs' hair. Okay, kidding about that last bit, but the rest is totally legit.

    1. Oh Jess, who were you having lunch with? Stalk on, and I am utterly amenable to bribes of dog hair friendship bracelets; (I am fairly confident that everything I have ever made consists of dog hair, bull shit, and a Labrador-esque enthusiasm. Come on over to the Hague friend. We are clearly meant to be.

  2. Love the spiders!! WOW! You are super-talented!! So impressed! (And jealous! I've always wanted to be able to draw... sadly my illustrations go as far as a reindeer, Santa and a Christmas tree.)