Thursday, 12 September 2013

Like a Sir.

So this happened last night.  I am not entirely sure where it came from, the twisted workings of my mind boggle me sometimes but I love him.  I think I will start a new series with this sort of thing.  Half Victorian scientific illustration, half Victorian gentleman.

I have been experimenting with new styles and mediums too.  The results are mixed but here are my fav's

I am very into my robots again.  Expect to see more of these.

A "welcome to the world" present for a friends new baby.

Gelpen on black paper.  Sooooo digging this, but it is enormous so will take a
while to finish.

Paint markers, not enough fine detail for me, but fun.

Bunny and Bee, my first ever water colour.

A few other things have happened in the last few weeks.  George with ears is a legit business.  I know right?!?!  I even had cards made to try to convince myself.  Now have to figure out how to give them out without feeling like a fraud.

Lastly in sadder news, my much loved uncle John sadly passed away a few days ago.  His passing has make me think of the relationship that I have with my dad.  I am happy to say that we are very close.  He always tells me the truth (whether I want to hear it or not) and is one of my best friends.  His devotion and patients with Cleo blows me away and he is the best grandfather that Milly and Cleo could ask for.  My profound sadness for my Dad at loosing not only his brother, but his best friend has made me look at the people who share my life with humble gratitude.  Thank you, and thank you Dad the grumpy curmudgeon that you are.  We love you loads you big faker.


  1. All lovely, Miss Talented. Lovely pics and really lovely words x