Thursday, 22 August 2013

Playing with new toys, experimenting and some more shocking news.

So I have been knocked on my ass this month.  To cut a long story short I was contacted by a Dutch lifestyle magazine who would like to "possibly" put some of my drawings in their December issue.  I say again for those who missed it. Possibly.  The image they want to use is this one, from my Etsy shop.  Not my personal choice but who am I to "look a gift horse in the mouth".  So now you know what I do.

Now for all those possibly's, I am still tickled pink to have been noticed in the first place.  It has injected a new enthusiasm into my drawing.  I have stared to experiment with different styles, images and even colour. Yes I said it. Colour.

We had tucked away, a wee box filled with all sorts of goodies.  Coloured pencils, water colour pencils, oil and chalk pastels, and a smorgasbord of paints.  After a bit of a play, I have fallen in love with watercolour. It means I can still do my line drawing but put a hint of a wash over the top.  Well that is the theory.  The only problem is, I am a coward.  I have no idea where to start.

Henna style doodle that I am playing with.  Lot of fun and very relaxing.

Coloured with pencil.

I have no clue what this is, but I coloured him with the watercolour pencils.
The paper didn't like it so much.
So that being said, I went out yesterday and treated myself to a box of (so I am told by the little man in the shop (who probably knows a mug when he see's one)) excellent quality paints.  I love them.  I am terrified of them, but I love them.  I have no fekkin clue what I am doing and am too scared to use them.  It makes me physically anxious to  paint over the top of a drawing.  I drew this Dobsonfly today with a mind to use some colour, only...... Well I like him as he is.  I have never drawn like this before and I was so happy with it that I didn't want to ruin him.  BTW, these things are effing enormous and scary as shit.  Fly's should not have pincers and should most defiantly not be the size of your hand.  Just sayin'.

Draw with a mind to add colour, but then too happy with it as it is to risk ruining it.
My first splash with my new paints.
So I ended up with a wee fox.  A modest beginning but a beginning none the less.

Finally on a side bar, I finished my last commission, (for my dad) and managed to make five limited edition prints too.  And guess what, I used colour.  Watercolour pencils are fantastic, easy to use and easy to control.  Now, these are instagram pictures so you will have to wait until they are done at the frames for the actual photo's but I am super stoked with how it turned out.

This is Dad's picture.  I love it, and feel very brave when I look at it.

The scans come out a lot paler than in real life, so I will try to take photo's of them.  They are all numbered and hand coloured, so totally different to the others.  They are €50 each and that includes the passepartout that is being but for them as I type.  They are on A3 paper but the exact measurements will be printed when the passepartout is done.  I hope to pick them up tomorrow and will post actual photo's then.  So if you are interested please drop me a line.  

This one is spoken for.  Sorry.

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