Thursday, 18 July 2013

Kids clothes week day 3, mega naps, and improvising.

Seriously, wow.  My little Geranium dress was included on day 3.  To those who don't know this is a challenge to try to sew something every day for your kid.  It is where the big guns of the sewing/blog world impress, inspire and down right intimidate us mortals.  So you can imagine my glee (this may have been accompanied by some involuntary squeeling and perhaps a busted up version of the running man) when I click on the blog to see Monkey's little dress.   Now, yes I already had some stuff done, but I did actually finish it properly on those days so I am hoping this counts.  Hand stitching in bits and pieces takes time that I don't always have.  Today though, I am hoping to bring it!

So moving on to day 4, I have the fabric all picked out when disaster struck in the shape of my printer.  Not only am I out of paper but I am out of blue ink.  Can someone please explain to me why of bloody why, when I want to print in black (of which I have plenty) my bloody printer won't bloody co-operate?  I don't need blue, I don't want blue.  Damn you technology.

I am now going to have to wing something.  Not sure what yet but it involves stripes and spots.  I will know more when I start cutting.

So after writing the above, the Monkey still had not woken up!  WTF!  So not to look a gift horse in the mouth and out of curiosity, I started on today's project.  After a wee flick through patterns that had been cut out, I decided to base it on the Sewing for boys Raglan T.  Now this is supposed to be done in knits with open seams, but what the hey, lets see what happens.  Well within one hour, it was cut and put together.  Yes one hour.  It was that quick.  In retrospect, when I make it again (and I will), and if I am not using knits then I will go a few sizes up.  Cotton has no give in it, so getting it on and off a fractious toddler was a bit of a struggle, but it looked bloody awesome on.  So I am totally making another.  I was just finishing the leaf top stitching at the bottom when she woke up.  Awesome timing.

Looks a bit like a toadstool huh?  So that is what I called it.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Yeah baby, I make stuff......

..... but I may have forgotten to photo a lot of it.  This last month has been mental with holidays, Christenings, drawing frenzies, learning how to crochet (yeah I said it)  finishing one knitting project and steaming on to another, knocking out some commissioned drawings (I forgot to photo) and wrestling a (now toddler).  So, so busy, and not much time to write.  Sorry blog,  I know you missed my musings, rants and general fiff faffery.  I am now back.  Nap time has been re-established (sort of) and I can type in a frenzied fashion and word vomit over these here pages.  It is mine after all.  On the down side I have been a bit rubbish in the photo department.  But hey ho.  Wing it and make it work and failing that there is instagram.

So in an update to my last post, I finally made that skirt and wore it to a family reunion at the weekend.  I loved it.  Oh Nani Iro, how I adore your double gauze waftyness and how I hate sewing it.  The rewards are fantastic but the cursing that went along with it was also fairly impressive.  I even managed to find the perfect t-shirt to match the blue flowers (Yay for Debenhams).

Now did I remember to take a picture of said ensemble?  Did I buggery.  (there is a theme here) I am hoping that someone in the family did though, and really hope that whoever has such a picture, that it was taken from a flattering angle and not with at least 5 chins.  The skirt is now in the wash but I will take a photo of it when it comes out and is all neatly pressed.

The Laurel was, and is a bit of a learning curve.  I made a wearable muslin that I am very happy with, but adjustments need to be made as it is on the large side and my boobs are not in the right place.  Gravity is a bitch dear friends, so bust darts need altering and waist lines (I am happy to say need taking in) and so on.  I am almost there though, and I truly hope to show you the results soon.

I did manage to make the tunic to match Monkey's Puppet show shorts.  The outfit has been worn many times and have I taken a photo of my child in it?........ Nooooooope.  But I have some lovely photos of it stuck to a wall.




I also finished my niece's christening quilt and finally got to meet her, scrumptious huh?

Now a bit of wooly business.  I am all about the granny squares at the moment.  My Quince and Co jumper is flying along and my lovely little alpaca short sleeve cardy is done.  It doesn't look like much here, but it is lovely on and toasty warm, and very school uniformesque.  I love it.

Lastly a wee Instagram update with the happenings of the last few weeks

Serious face

Camp awesome


See me love me

Camp awesome travels to England and gets a tent (sort of)

Alfresco dining

The boy has mixed feelings about sharing his bed

Ghetto swimming pool

Summer holiday in Norway with the family

Nekkid bebe

Nekkid bebe crashes next doors pool.

Bed head

English pub garden

My fabby godson.

More summer holiday
Thanks for sticking it out to the end and there will be more coming soon.

Update:  Ok so I fished it out of the laundry and it was not in bad shape at all.  Stuck it to the wall and worked my Instagram magic.  I hope to have a better picture soon but I am so happy with it.  Did I mention that is swishes.  I do enjoy a swish.