Monday, 1 April 2013

Peter Mulvey, my new BFF. Oh and other stuff from this week.

I was treated to what was a great day out yesterday.  Hubby and I out sourced the Monkey to Grandma and scooted off to Amsterdam for an afternoon of great music, beer, abject humiliation, beer, more great music and so on.  I am not used to drinking during the day especially on Sunday, so combine that, and the fact we were going to see one of my favourite singers and I was positively giddy.

So imagine my surprise when I go out to the hall to rest my weary back and hips to find Peter Mulvey hanging out there.  Just hanging out, ain't no thing. "Be cool Zoe, there is no way you can not say hello but be cool, think before you open your mouth.  Do not word vomit all over the poor man".  And so I say hello and have a wee chat.  In true nerd/groupy/stalker style I even managed to get a photo taken.

Now that I look at said photo, I see that I am a little bit of crazy around the eyes and have a more than slightly pervy grin.  Oh well.

Somewhat high from my brush with celebrity and the fact that he is a really nice guy, I decided to try to friend him on facebook.  Oh what the hell I say (to my surprise he accepted).  I also managed to score myself a cheeky spot in the sound booth and even blagged a stool.  Score! The following bands blew me away and I went for the trifecta of humiliation and managed to talk to them all.  They were all lovely, friendly and down to earth.  I was truly blown away by the talent that is Birds of Chicago, I highly recommend you check them out.

In our now moderately drunken state, we headed home to Den Haag and saw Mick Jagger on the train.  Fancy that.  We had an amazing dinner filled with laughs and great food.

A perfect end to a great day.  Thanks babe.

Now on to the other stuff.  I finally handed off the commission I was working on and am relieved to say she loved it.  It is enormous.  Slightly larger than A2.  There is also a small side drawing that goes off to the side of the right hand tree.  It is of a small mouse on a branch.  Obviously I forgot to take a photo, but I will soon.  The details on each animal is teeny tiny, and because of the size of the piece you can't see it too clearly. I will post better photos soon, but this piece will be available to buy in A3.  There will only be 25 prints so get 'em while they are hot.

This original of this chap will be heading off to a very special little lady.  My niece Milly.  To watch over her while she sleeps.  Again prints are available in post card size and larger, with the original being drawn on A4.

I finally managed to draw some my local buildings.  Its been a while but I am pleased with how it turned out. I even managed to get all the floors in this time.  This was drawn on 24 x 32 cm paper.  It says A4 on the front of the pad, it lies.

Finally here are a few snaps of the last week or so and thanks for reading.

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