Sunday, 28 April 2013

Garden On A Shoestring. Phase One, The Clean Up And Some Spray Paint.

The weather this past few days has been glorious, and I was finally able to get out and get stuck in.  Sadly, a bit of a wake up call was had though.  You must understand that I have saved the most unbelievable amount of crap for this project.  Ok, so that is not entirely true, I just happen to have all sorts of crap lying around my garden.  Half finished projects, random containers, broken step ladders, cans of paint and the such like.  All kept with one thing in mind.


So on Wednesday, my daughter decided to be the self sufficient awesomeness that she is and I got stuck in.  First up was a tidy up and take stock of what I had.  Pots and furniture were cleaned, and raw materials were stacked up.  I have had mixed results over the years with various projects but the ones that have worked were a raised bed I made from... well a bed and some plastic storage containers that had holes drilled in and were painted.  I won't go into the failures, but there were a few.   So what did I have?

A small broken(ish) step ladder,
A soup pan,
A plastic bin from Ikea, 
A number of inside and outside plant pots of varying sizes,
Two window boxes,
A shit load of logs,
An even bigger shit load of random pieces of wood in varying sizes,
A third of a piece of fence, (obviously)
Some butt ugly paving slabs, (not much I can do about those)
A bag full of random cans of paint and some spray paint,
A length of drain pipe,
Two old bed frames, and that was about it.  Slim pickings.

I needed a plan, but instead I got to work.  The spray paint was calling, and I wanted results.  The soup pan, random plant pots, the picture frame, the step ladder, one of the bed frames, a log and a snail were all given the treatment.  I turned our existing stepping stones over and they looked like new again.

Poor little snail.

Stones turned over, and back fence painted.
A small bench/shelf affair bodged together.

One of the bed frames painted ready for climbing plants.
Third of a fence, hiding a multitude of sins.  Also sprayed a log.  Why not I say.
Next up was the eyesore that is my back fence.  This thing is ROTTEN.  The only thing holding it together is hope.  Replacing it is not an option, so I had a dig in our crap cupboard (don't raise your eyebrows at me, you all have one) and dug out a tin of paint.  Did I wash and treat it before hand?  Hell no.  A quick brush off and on I slapped it with wild and giddy abandon.  Frankly I was scared the damn thing would fall apart, (especially at the bottom where the neighbours garden is falling through) but it held together like a trooper.  I am happy to report it looks a damn sight better and is ready for the next phase of my plan.  I used a few logs from the pile to fortify it at the bottom and parked the chairs in front.  I stacked up the random bits lengths of wood, pipes and the such like and hid it behind the now painted third of a fence.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Job done.  At the end of the day things were looking slightly more cheerful and I had a better idea of what I needed to do.  Money spent at the end of phase one... Nada!

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