Friday, 22 March 2013

Exciting things afoot.

Just a quicky today.  I have been busy this last week or so trying to get a few things finished.  I had some un-finished pictures that were mocking me and some vases and plant pots that needed some pimping.  In doing this, I inadvertently discovered a new style of drawing, folk art.  They are based on the drawings from a graphic artist called Caroline Johansson.  I am not about to take complete credit, but the designs are mine.

It's got me hooked.  What I was not prepared for was the enthusiastic feed back I got.  My cousins wife (thanks Emma) asked if I could draw a fox?  I have no idea, so I gave it a try.  Well gosh she is a pretty little thing.

One led to another, which led to another.  I printed a few off to see how they looked and had one made into post card size.  They look great.

I have now been asked to print off more and sell them.  Say what???  It is kind of wigging me out.

So with that in mind I am having them made into post cards first to be sold in my friends yarn shop Woool.  She is already selling my drawstring bags and will also be selling my Liberty fabric covered buttons too (as of this evening), and I hope to also have them in my Etsy shop this weekend.

I also hope to have this fella finished off by then.

So have a good weekend peeps, and I will let you know then they are ready.

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  1. AWESOME. Just plain awesome. Can't tell you how much I love your line drawings. Can you do a big old black crow? I love crows. Or do I mean ravens? :-) x