Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A new project.

So this last week or so I have been very busy with my new project.  I am getting a jump start on Christmas present's and first up on the list (mainly as he was here and the fabric jumped off the shelf at me) is my dad.  I am making him a much longed for and promised quilt to have on the sofa.  He has been lusting after the ones I have here and also the one I made for my step mother a while ago.

So here is some of it.  It is still in progress so I will post more photo's as I go, but this is what I have been busy with this last week in the odd hour or two that I can snatch.

Cutting all those square's was excruciating.  Then sewing corner's into over 200 of them was even more fun.

I then realized that unlike every other quilt I have made I would not be able to "wing it" with this one so I spent an entire evening drawing out possible design's.

That done it was off the sewing machine.  I have done a lot of learning with this quilt.  Mainly about fragile fabric's and lining up bloody square's.  I have never spent so much time with a seam ripper.

There is something quite nice about having a plan to follow.  With each block completed, I marked it off so I wouldn't get confused or lost.  It made tracking my progress quite fun.  Normally I don't know when I am done until it is done.

With the prep' work done, making the block's went really fast.  Trying to keep them in shape was a challenge though.  The colour fabric is cotton and the grey is a silk cotton blend, both are from India, well a shop that sell's fabric's and the such from India.  The colour's and pattern's in this shop are amazing and so reasonably priced. More on that another time though.  I could dedicate a whole entry to this shop.

With one block left to go, I had to call it a day as I was making more mistake's than progress.  So hard when you are so close to done.  (ish)

Sadly I realized that the selvedge (that is a seam for those not in the know) for this fabric was to small and would be far to fragile to hold together so I  have added some very lightweight interfacing to the back of each block.  I am hoping this will add more stability, even if it does loose a bit of it's drape.

 Well that is all I have so far.  More as progress continue's.  In the mean time here is a bit more Monkey business.

We take our nappy folding very seriously in this house.  That and a bit of sunbathing too.

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