Friday, 28 September 2012

Oh the fame!

On a random, slightly drunk posting I would like to make a wee shout out to  Elizabeth's mum.  It would appear I have a fan.  Yes folk's, (and by folk's I mean anyone not related to me) a real fan.  She live's in Canada and is the mother of a friend of mine.  I now officially love you.  You have made my day. (Well that and finally loosing 20kg of baby weight)....tomorrow.

I feel I must explain.  My idea of a good time these day's is every other Friday I attend a "knit night".  Yes I knit.  In this random group of women who congregate, very little knitting get's done.  "What happens's at knit night, stay's at night night".  We drink wine, eat snack's, judge and generally bitch about out live's.  It is awesome.  It is hosted by my very good friend Pauline (aka. Peter Pan or from now on PP) at her lovely wool shop so aptly named Woool.  It can be found at (yes with 3 ooo's and she has a web shop. (link to follow soon)), on the Westeinde in Den Haag.  Either way it is place of sanctuary every other week to ditch the husband, kid's, dog (in my case) and "do one".  Frankly tonight I couldn't get out of the door fast enough.  Sometime's you just need like minded soul's to shoot the shit with.

Tonight's topic's of conversation included, humping rabbit's and having to explain subsequent emission's on the duvet to tween's and younger, dummy's/Pacifier's down the cleavage, what is a latch key kid and why I only had a long stick and no bloody key (more on that another time) and why PP and I are incapable of making full sentence's at any given time. 

So on that note I am off to bed.  So no fancy photo's just some semi drunk rambling's and a splendid night.  Thank you ladies.

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