Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The sound of silence and some help from a friend.

You hear that?  Nope, me either.  That is the sound of my child sleeping.  Finally.

For the first few months of her life my kid was the baby all parents dream of.  She slept, she fed, she pooped.  All the things that babies are supposed to do.  I was blessed with the most easy going baby in the world.  That is not to say that there weren't issues, but they were the usual kind.  Nothing major.  99% of the time Cleo is the stuff of dreams.  She is happy, and funny, wiggly and cute.  She has never been sick (touch wood) and so far is growing like a champ.

Recently though we have discovered sitting up.  There is an exciting world out there and we want to see it.  This sadly is not a solo activity, and can not, I repeat can not be done stationary.  Never mind that she is so tired that her eye's are like the proverbial hole's in the snow, sleep is the enemy.

Sleep is for looser's and God forbid she fall into that category. The lengths my daughter will go to to stay awake are spectacular.  At almost 6 months old she has an iron will and determination of a sugared up toddler.  If only I could harness that energy for good instead of evil.  I want some too.  Gone are the days when a mobile could entertain her for an hour so I could sneak some time with my sewing machine or get some jobs done.  Now it is all about Mama, and I am her bitch.  I am loosing a battle of will's with an infant.

Nap's here used to be about an hour or so, now they can consist of anywhere from 15 min power nap to a full on 2 hours.  Sadly I never know what I am going to get.  Could be a cup of coffee and a Facebook catch up, or could be a serious sewing session.  Do I start a job that will involve at least an hour of attention or not?  So today when I put her down for her late morning nap, I took the gamble.

Rookie mistake.  30 mins into cleaning the oven I am up to my ears (literally) in noxious chemicals until.... Hark, is that 2 cats fighting? Is one of my neighbours kids having a melt down?  Nope, my little angel is awake.  

(Oh hell, she really is awake.  Be right back)  Continued 2 hours later when Matt got home.

Crap.  So there I am, up to my elbow's in my marigolds (that is rubber gloves to those not in the know), a half clean oven, and kitchen that looks like Armageddon.  Cleo is awake and wants out.  Double crap.  I am now faced with the eternal question of all mothers.  Do I a, scrub like the devil, and hope she goes back to sleep? or b, cave in and down tool's.  Fortunately, for me there was a c option.  I was saved by my friend Karien.  Bless you.  For saving my sanity and listening to me whine.  For hugging me when I cried and entertaining my jacked up kid so I could finish.  Lastly for making me leave the house and go out for a walk and coffee.  My sanity is saved for another day, and frankly my heart melts every time this kid smile's.  So whatcha ya gonna do?

Now, let's see what fun bed time battle brings tonight.  Let the games begin.  (yes that is my foot, and thank you instagram and my crappy phone for the photo's.)

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