Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The results are in, and other fun stuff.

I will start with the news that after feeling smug that Cleo had not been sick or fallen off any major piece of furniture yet, she promptly manages to wriggle her way off of my bed head first.  She sported a lovely lump for a few days but was otherwise totally fine.  I on the other hand had a nervous breakdown, and was reassured by my mother that I fell on my head many time's as a child and look how well I turned out.  Not much reassurance there. In other news, Cleo is so close to crawling.  She is in the dry humping the floor phase, which is a hop, skip and a jump for the big push.  She can also now sit up for extended periods of time with minimal interference, and is becoming more Machiavellian by the day.  Teeth are almost through (yay, not) which means torture, explosive toxic poo, screaming, general bad temper and copious amounts of drooling for her, and torture, a shit load of laundry, and general exhaustion for us.  She also think's George is the most hilarious thing in the world, riding on Papa's back is the bomb and bread is awesome.  Business as usual here.

 In other news, I have also finally bought the fabric and started the quilt for my brother's impending baby.  I can not begin to describe how excited this makes me.  Here is a sneak peek.

So this weekend has been a bit hectic. Mum was here, shopping was done, wine was drank, cuddles were had and I managed to squeeze in some time at the sewing machine.  (This is my mum.  She will not be happy with this photo but I think it is lovely.)

My friend Monika came over for lunch (she even bought the food and cooked it, what a result!) and I finally getting to meet her lovely girlfriend Tess.  That is Mo' on the left with the boy.  He will manage to squeeze in anywhere.

Finally, the big news is that I have chosen the winners in the great nappy experiment.  Some were a bit hit and miss, some were just not what I was looking for at all, but over all the choice came down these three.,

They were the Fuzzibunz one size,

the Pop-in's

 and the Smartipants.

 All of them are bloody marvellous, but for my needs there were certain criteria that needed to be met.  I started to write a comparison of these, but got half way through and bored myself.  I may do it at some other point but right now I can't be arsed.  So the out come is that I have ordered a 10 pack of the pop-in's with 5 refill's and 12 pack of the Smartipants, with 9 boosters.  They worked bloody well, they fit like a dream, easy to maintain, are cute and were only blindingly expensive instead of heart attack expensive. This is more than enough to keep us goimg until the Monkey can go on her own.  The total outlay is approximately the same cost as  5-6 months worth of Pampers.  Yes that is a lot of money to lay out in one hit, but in the long run it will save money and I feel a bit better about not contributing to 500 years worth of land fill.  There is also the added bonus of being able to use them on the next baby (if there is one) or selling them on if there isn't.  For me it is win win.

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