Thursday, 16 August 2012

Paper or plastic?

Bloody Hell!  


These are a few of the lesser blue words that have been running out of my mouth this morning.  All because I decided to try to educate myself on washable nappies.  At this point I imagine a few of you will now moving on to check your Facebook status or what ever, but bear with me.  For the handful that are interested let me try to educate you.  

Now I am certainly not a tree hugging, soap dodging, tie die wearing hippy, (not that I have anything against that, if that is your lifestyle choice) but every time I change one of Cleo's nappies I feel this great big twang of guilt.  Now I am not going to go into the whole landfill v's washing energy debate, greater minds have done that to death. What I can tell you for a fact is that it takes 500 years for one of those suckers to decompose.  500 frikkin years!  This  mountain below is what 1 baby creates in 2 years. Scary huh? 

Matt and I half heartedly looked into it before she was born, and I don't know about you, but the initial investment is hefty and we had other things to worry about.  Also I had visions of this in my future.

I am from the generation (as my mum so lovingly tells me) of the old muslin and terry cloth nappies.  Soak, sterilise, wash, dry, fold, pin, wa wa wa.  It all sounds frankly a bit hazardous and a whole lot of work.  But the time's they have a changed and boy was I in for a shock.  This new generation of washable nappies look like they have been designed by NASA.  

They have funky names and cute prints.  They are organic, non organic, wool , suede, bio mesh, flushable, all in one, all in two, systems, pockets, fitted and so much more.  Seriously the list is endless and intimidating.   So this brings me to my earlier point.  With all the style's, design, and options now available, how the hell do you choose.  It is a serious whack of doh to spend on something that may not even be right for your kid or life style.  These are some of the question's I hope to answer.

How much extra laundry is actually created?
How idiot proof are they? 
How many do you really need?
How easy or scary is it for other carer's to use?
What about night's or travelling?
Just how much time is needed in general faffing?  
Now that she is not going through 10,000 nappies a day, is this a cost efficient choice?
Comfort, size, etc etc?
and yes, call me shallow, Is the extra effort worth it?

So in my lengthy research I came across a web site called  Based out of England, it was very informative and the lady I spoke to (with a screaming Monkey in my ear) was very helpful and patient.  Best of all though, is they have this offer.  For the bargain price of  £110 that is approx €150, you get 8 of the top names in nappies delivered to your door to try out.  Now here is the best part.  If you find that it is not for you, you can send them back and all but 10 squidoo's will be refunded back to you.  That's right.  Not store credit, but your cold hard cash.  You get the nappies for 21 days to fiddle and faff with and if you find one you like then keep it and the price will be taken out of your deposit.  How cool is that huh?  Now because I live in the Netherlands and I am a cheap git, I've had them sent to my mum's house in old blighty so the delivery is cheaper, and who conveniently will be coming over next weekend.  So there it is folk's.  I will embark on this grand experiment to find out if you really can have it all.  A slightly less guilty conscience and a few extra pennies.  Could these cute little numbers be in my future? Watch this space.   

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  1. good luck you - you eco warrior! i'm sure Cleo will be grateful to you as she gets older 'cos you helped to save her world!