Sunday, 12 August 2012

Back in the saddle.

If you didn't know, (and frankly if you are not related to me, why would you?) there are a few talented artist's in my family. In what ever medium they have chosen, it is impressive.  At school, I loved art.  I was never exceptional and knew I would never make a living out of it, but I enjoyed it none the less and over the years I would pick up a pen, doodle a bit or bust out some paints and slap it on some paper, never really happy with the results.  But an odd thing happened though a last year, I stopped trying so hard.  It started off with goofy little character's here and there, ( I will show those another day) little comic strips of basic animal's, doodles and lines that start one place but end up somewhere else.

This evolved though, unable to keep my hands still I started to draw the buildings in my neighbourhood.  Living in Den Haag is a bit of a gift as the architecture here is so eclectic.  Any one street can have such a splendid variety of design that it is often difficult to know where to start.  I stopped trying to recreate what I saw in perfect detail.  Stopped trying to get perspective but instead kept it one dimensional.  In short I winged it.  I never use a pencil only a pen and if I make a mistake, well then I make it work and try to incorporate it somehow.  I'll take elements from one building and add it to another.  They are not exact recreations, just interpretations.

Now imagine my surprise when one day my dad discovered my sketch books and wanted to have some framed.  It had never considered that anyone would actually see these drawing's, let alone want them.  They hang proudly now in my Dad's study. I even have a few others scattered around some of my family.  So on a recent visit, one of my aunts happened to see them and asked if I had any to sell.  Sell?!?  Panic set in. Giving them away is one thing selling is a whole other ball game.

So here I am.  It's been about six months since I last picked up my sketch book and pen, but this last week I decided to jump back in the saddle again.  I had stopped drawing, you see, during the later stages of my pregnancy.  It was impossible to find a comfortable position, or the will power to draw.  Starting again was not easy.  My sketch books have been mocking me, and I lacked the inspiration and incentive.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy it and everything was put away. I had no end of excuses. Nothing seem's quite so intimidating as a blank sheet of paper though.  So after a few false starts, a sunny day and a napping baby, it all fell into place again.  My style has changed a bit.  My lines cleaner and I concentrate more on the roof tops now, but I am getting back into the swing of things once more.  I am still shockingly insecure about my drawings, I fall in and out of love with them and have a pit of self doubt when giving them away.  I constantly forget to take pictures of them and when I do I am not happy, but here is the one I have started for my lovely aunt Pepi.  My block is slowly ebbing so thank you Pepi for inspiring me to start again.

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  1. i love these zoe, saw them on pinterest followed through, good encouragement from pepi, just keep with the flow