Sunday, 5 August 2012

And we are off. Monster post and intro to me.

Well gosh darn,  it has only taken me about 2 years of faffing, procrastinating and general misdirection to get off my well rounded rump and start this blog.  I have so much in my head that sometimes writing down a cohesive sentence let alone a blog posting is going to prove somewhat of a challenge I am a bit of a "Terry Tangent" and have a tendency to veer of subject  but I shall give it a go.

I will start with a blanket apology. 


This is for the basic-ness (is that a word? well it is now) of this blog.  Being married to a computer programmer/web developer, you would think that I would have all the bells and whistles. Some sexy flash web site with links, buttons and other gizmo's that jump to other pages and do exciting stuff.  Well, me too, but the bugger is to busy and to knackered and trying to schedule some time to sit down with him and show him what I want is a bit of a challenge, so I have to do it myself.  Unfortunately, you could write what I know about computers on the back of a postage stamp.  I am a total ignoramus, A Luddite of the highest order.  Truly have no bloody clue what I am doing, but this is a learning curve right? So in the spirit of all things bloggish, I will post my blog drama's here too.

Well let me introduce the key players in my life.  That's me, my lovely hubby Matt, and my stunningly beautiful (if I do say so myself) daughter Cleo. (aka Monkey).

Next up is my other baby, George.  Now George is Jedi at passive aggressive manipulation.  He could win a gold medal at couch surfing and is an attention whore of the highest order.  I adore him. 

Last but not least, my other babies.

This is where I would spend most of my time if I could.  My dining table is my work area (when I am not trying to juggle child, dog, house, a damn mountain of never ending laundry, saving the world and the ten thousand other things that make up my day). I am lucky if I can squeeze in and hour or so a day.  It hasn't been used to eat at in quite some time.  I am in hope that my studio / workroom will be done this summer so all the miscellaneous crap that is littering up my living room, under my bed, random drawers and all available nooks and crannies can be organised, tidied and generally de-cluttered.  

Who am I trying to kid?  I am a junk and textile slut.  I love other peoples crap, second hand stuff and free shit.  "Ooh that might be useful" or "I will totally do something with that".  These words follow me daily.  Yup folks (who aren't there, except you mum), that is me.  Fabric is my kryptonite though.   I am a craft addict.  There I said it.  

On that note I will leave you with this.  Can you ever have enough fabric?   What do dogs dream about?  Will Monkey ever take a nap today?


  1. Interesting. You have a father that likes to keep up to date with his children and grand children as well. Looking forward to the next chapter. Rob

  2. Sorry Daddy, This is all for you too. xx